Most Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Perfect bathrooms are the ones with the simplest designs.


Most of the time customer's will think that simple means cheap, but that’s where they need additional information and professional guidance. Simplicity is one of the most challenging design concepts and perfection is in it’s core. So if you want to achieve a simple design every detail needs to be perfect.

Another aspect is that customers might think that simple means cheap so they might get tempted by the lower bid. That is the most common mistake especially for first time remodelers.

To take into consideration how much an average bathroom renovation budget is, you need to put your money into good hands. So, the most important advice is - hire the right professional.

But this does not mean you can’t set budget limits. Be mindful of your expenses and try to stick with it. If you choose to hire reputable and skilled professionals they will guide your budget and make decisions accordingly.

Let’s see some more common mistakes that we usually see our customer make when remodeling bathrooms.



Start with the plan. It will become your guide, your hand book during the remodeling process. Plan will help narrow down dilemmas like - what style you like? Which materials to use? Etc..

Ducha y cama de masaje de Silestone_acabado Suede_color Lagoon.jpg


Don’t ignore the workload that every bathroom is taking daily. The humidity and water stains require highly durable materials, tiles that are preferably water resistant. Don’t only look for the beauty but functionality first. Because the stronger the material the longer it will shine.



Forgetting about storage is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Imagine the amount of things we store in the bathroom that we use daily. Smart storage units should be one of the most important aspects in your design.

Whether it’s a small project or a whole bathroom overhaul it is an important phase of every homeowner’s life that requires time, energy and money. And one thing is how do we get all excited imagining newly renovated spa-like home retreat and another thing is to stick with it, make decisions and follow through. Don’t be afraid of mistakes you might make. Choose the right professionals first and they will make your project into beautiful reality.

We are here to help you every step of the way.