How to Remodel Your Home to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Originally published on Houzz

Who: Mamuka Grigolia of TBS Construction
Where: Santa Clara, California
In his own words: “We’re trying to create lifestyle renovations by making clients feel more comfortable in their homes.”

If your home is your haven from the bustle of everyday life and workaday responsibilities, then it should perfectly fit who you are and how your family wants to live. Just like a bespoke piece of clothing, your custom-designed home should match your personality. “Tailor your home to every person living in the house,” says Mamuka Grigolia of design-build firm TBS Construction in Santa Clara. “Everyone has their own preferences and needs, and your house should follow suit.”

Stanford Residence Modern Bathroom

Stanford Residence Modern Bathroom

Delights in Diversity

Grigolia enjoys the full spectrum of people and projects he sees in the course of his job. “Every single day is different, every single client is different, I never get bored,” he says. “It’s all different challenges.” The one point on which he admits to consistency? “I really do like clean, modern design and the idea that less is more,” he says.

Los Altos Kitchen Transformation

Los Altos Kitchen Transformation

Spirit of Innovation

Taking pride in his community commitments, Grigolia has his hand in multiple ventures throughout the Bay Area. Currently, one major interest lies in his founding role at a startup he’s working on with a former client. “It’s a construction robotics company called Dusty Robotics,” he says. The idea is that robots will draw the blueprints onto the floor once the concrete is poured for a home foundation, versus the architects and engineers doing it by hand.

Ready to remake your home to better meet your needs? Grigolia shares his tips below.

1. Dial In on Use

Think about how each member of your family wants to use a space. “Find a balance to make sure everyone is happy,” Grigolia says.

In this Sunnyvale kitchen, the husband was in charge of the dishes but wanted to stay in the center of the action while he cleaned. Meanwhile, the wife wanted a streamlined space she could quickly tidy up. Grigolia’s team designed an island with a large sink in the middle, so the husband can chat with guests while he scrubs pots and pans. A wall of cabinetry, including an appliance garage, keeps counters uncluttered for the wife.


TBS_Los Altos_Nightingale_Small-6.jpg

2. Cultivate Your Style

Remake your spaces to fit your desired aesthetic, whatever that may be, Grigolia says. “A lot of our clients are inspired by travel, especially by hotels and spas.”

The owner of this Los Altos house had grown up there, later inheriting it from his parents. He and his wife preferred a minimalist look and requested an update from the TBS Construction team. In the master bathroom, custom laminated cabinets now float above the porcelain floor. A custom window is fitted with an interior shade for privacy in the glass-enclosed shower. The neutral palette of browns, whites and black further modernizes the space.


3. Let Your Personality Shine

Integrate elements into your space that speak specifically to who you are, Grigolia says. In the Atherton home seen here, for instance, the owner travels and works a lot and wanted “a place to fully relax and re-energize,” Grigolia says, as well as a space that complements his healthy lifestyle.
In his custom-made sauna, the client wanted all the details to appear seamless. Hinges all but disappear, lights are hidden behind covers made of the same hemlock wood as the walls and floors, and the reclining seat fits him just right. Even the speaker on the ceiling was carefully painted to match the surrounding wood grain.