How it all Began

Mamuka Grigolia, TBS Founder

Mamuka Grigolia, TBS Founder

When a young man with his wife first came to the states, he firmly believed in American dream and that his goals would be achieved.

A couple of years later, in 2007, with hard work and determination, Mamuka Grigolia founded a full service design-build construction company called TBS Construction Inc, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Actually, I am a third generation builder, originally from the republic of Georgia. I grew up in a family of builders. My father was one of the largest building material manufacturers and my grandfather was the finest carpenter I’ve ever seen.”

Since then, TBS has continued growing and engaging more people in its building community. In a competitive business like construction, how does a young company like TBS  stand out and become successful?

“Eighty percent of our projects come from referrals and it wouldn't happen if we didn't deliver on our promises. We want our work to stand for decades and to be impressive after even fifty years from now. TBS stands for tenacity, benevolence, and satisfaction. It is our mission to provide the best service experience for our customers. Our team's dedication to quality and hard work makes the most unbelievable ideas become realities. In the design-build process, quality is the key to our success and we won't sacrifice that quality in any way. With this attitude, we have built trusting and honest relationships with our customers.”

Construction and remodeling is a complicated process, especially for clients when they don’t know where to begin and which team to trust. That’s why the professionals at TBS are determined to make it easier and to help costumers turn their ideas into reality. Working together with architects, designers, and project managers, we make sure client’s needs are 100% addressed. They also help them with decisions at every stage of this process by providing educational content.

Construction and design is like a live organism; it’s growing, it’s changing and we are in an ongoing learning process together with our clients, which makes this process even more exciting and the results are absolutely spectacular.
— Mamuka Grigolia

At TBS, we believe the client is the boss! So every single decision is made and fits around our customer’s needs. We've found that is the key to success, and to building trusting relationships with our clients.