What You Should Know and Do Before Remodeling Starts

Remember how many times you’ve caught yourself sitting and dreaming about new furniture, new design or a whole new house, but then boom and you are back to reality... and you understand that there is no magic trick just to transfer the dream into real life by a single blink. 


Construction and remodeling often sounds intimidating, especially when you have no experience. That is why it takes so long for most people to decide whether or not to start their dream project. It does not matter if it's a small or big project. Homeowners imagine the constant mess and the complicated time consuming process scares everyone. It's advantageous to understand what to expect and how to handle all of the undesirable situations that can occur. 

The first and most important step is to have a clear plan. This will help you understand what you want and how you are going to realize your vision. Whether you need design advice or you already know exactly what you want, a clear plan will save time and be beneficial when you begin to work with the professionals you choose. 

The second most important task is to find the right professional team to work with. You may get referrals from friends or colleagues, from magazine ads or online. It does not matter where you find a pro, it matters that they are a perfect match for your needs. This is the key to a successful project. The team you choose to hire, will be around you and your family for a long while. They are responsible for the schedule, meetings, and for providing materials, design and more.

So go ahead and search everywhere. Use the power of the internet and niche social media sites. Make sure you can see their portfolios and reviews. Once you've done this thorough research, make an appointment to meet the team you are considering hiring. Lastly, keep in mind that if you need to get permits, the team you choose can handle the process for you and save you time.  

Our experience is that 90% of remodeling customers are worried about the budget from the beginning. Most feel they need an estimate immediately, which is nearly impossible because every project is different is size, shape, type etc. So to prevent confusion, it is best to provide an estimated budget and be a bit flexible. When walls are torn down or carpet is ripped up, there is no telling what surprise is hiding beneath. 

After you hired a professional and estimated budget it is time to make an agreement with your contractor. Carefully review every work and aspect of the contract and keep it handy during your project so you can refer to it as needs. Make sure emergencies and the unexpected are included in the agreement. Propose your preferred timeline. This is important for you and the team working on your project. It can be difficult to follow the scheduled start and end dates, but a timeline makes everything more discipled and serves as a tool to keep the project on track.

Start your project positively and plan weekly meetings for updates. Another thing that can delay the start of a remodeling process is busy homeowners. That is why it is extremely important to find the right team for you that will work around your lifestyle and schedule. This will take the stress away from you and your family making the experience easier that you ever imagined. 

Finally enjoy the results and remember back to when you used to dream about the magic that would turn your remodeling project into reality.

From sketch to reality! 

From sketch to reality!