What Should You Know and Do Before Remodeling Starts

Remember how many times you’ve caught yourself sitting and dreaming about new furniture, new design or a whole new house, but then boom and you are back to reality... and you understand that there is no magic trick just to transfer the dream into real life by a single blink. 


Construction and remodeling often sounds intimidating. Especially, without any experience. That’s why it takes too long for most people to decide weather or not to start that dream project. Doesn’t meter if it’s a small or big change, imagining everlasting mess and complicating, time-consuming management scares everyone. So it’s always handy when you understand what to expect and how to handle all undesirable situations.

First and most important is to have a clear plan. Plan to help you understand what you want, why and how are you going to realize it. 

If you can advice design or already know what exactly you want to change, that will be time saver from the beginning and will help in working with professionals.

Also one of the most important tasks to do for you would be finding the right team. You may have heard about someone from friends or colleagues, or seen magazine ads or searched online, it doesn’t matter, finding a pro, which will perfectly match your needs is the key to the successful project. Remember that those people would be around you and your family for a while, they are supposed to take care of schedule, meetings, provide materials, design and more, so go ahead, search everywhere, use power of internet and niche social media sites, where you can see their portfolios and reviews and make an appointment to meet the team. And also keep in mind that if you need to get permissions for any changes chosen team will be in charge to do it for you and it will save your time too. 

From the experience is known that 90% of remodeling customers are worried about budget from the beginning. Mostly, they need an estimate right away which is almost impossible, because every project is different in size, shape, type and e.t. so for no future confusions it’s better to provide an estimate from your side and have in mind a little flexibility: when walls are turned down or carpet is ripped off you never know what kind of surprise hides underneath. 

Next would be agreement, as you’ve already done everything said above, you are ready for an agreement with contractor. Carefully review every word and aspect of your review, don’t hide it in the dark, you may need that agreement during your project and remember to include emergencies and unexpected in it.

Propose your preferable timeline, it is important for you and for the team working on the project. While It’s hard to follow that scheduled starting and ending dates, it still makes everything more disciplined. 

Start you project happily and plan weekly meetings (use any technology to help in that) for updates. Another thing that delays every remodeling starting process is that busy people can hardly imagine how they will be able to be involved through the whole process. That’s why it’s important to find the right team for you, they will fit around your lifestyle and schedule, will take stress out of you and your family and will make that process easier then you ever imagined. 

Finally, enjoy the results and remember the time when you just used to dream about the magic trick to turn your remodeling project into reality.

 From sketch to reality! 

From sketch to reality!