How Much?!

“I want to remodel my kitchen. How much will it cost? “- familiar question? I would say, this is one of the most frequently asked questions in our business. 

Almost every other customer contacting us about their kitchen remodeling project (one of the most requested leads) asks about estimate from the very beginning of our conversation. In most cases, be it kitchen, bathroom, addition, new homes or a simple retouch, the first question is - how much? 

As we have seen, customers, especially the ones without remodeling experience, usually think that it can be determined from the very first description of their desired project. It depends on various factors: size, design, product and more…

So we agree that this topic is of interest, and it needs some explanation about why designers, architects and remodelers can’t give you a estimate from the first phone call.

If you already have a budget, there can be a few suggestions how to protect your project from going out of budget after remodeling starts. If you are just gathering information, our tips can still be helpful for you.

First of all, knowing how much you are going to spend on a particular project, makes it easier for both sides. It will help with ideas about design and products, how much time should be spent, deciding if you want some custom details or not. You also must remember to include at least 10% for the unexpected. We had customers with very defined budgets from the beginning, but when we were in the middle of the process, many of them were changing details. So to prevent surprises, your budget should be a little flexible. It’s not like you are buying a certain stove or fridge that you know the exact price.


Your next and most important step should be choosing the right team! Remember, that you have a project and you need professionals to work with you. 

“House renovation it’s like a business project and you need partners to accomplish your goals. So it is very important to carefully look for and choose professionals who will work with you for several months. Those people will help you realize what you really need and what can be removed from the list. They are creators of your own place, which should be exactly the one you were dreaming of! ” - Mamuka Grigolia, CEO, TBS Construction.

And if contractors are not from your area, it will cost you more, so look locally!

We were thinking about how to make the first meeting preparation process easier for customers and for ourselves too, so at TBS Construction we have created Design-Build Questionnaire. It collects very important information about your project: size, budget range, products, design ideas, life style and more. When we receive the first call, we encourage customers to fill out the survey, so it can be reviewed by our designer, architect or builder who will be prepared and ready for suggestions at the first client meeting.

Also, There are calculations about what would be the right amount to invest in your remodeling project.  According to this article the right amount for renovation would be “to spend no more on each room than the value of that room as a percentage of your overall house value,”  So, to give you an example from our experience, if the house value was 1 000 000, the owners spent about 100 000$ to 120 000$ on their kitchen remodel, which is 10% to 12% of their house’s value. 

Keep in mind everything we suggested above. Be in touch with your contractor on every stage of your project. Discuss changes and how to handle the unexpected and it will help to stay within your budget.