Perfect Kitchen Island

In which room do you spend the most time in your home? “kitchen” would not be a surprising answer, right? Whether you cook daily, entertain regularly or not, kitchens get the most traffic in every home. 

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And every kitchen can have a highlight of its own - a beautiful and functional island! 

Kitchen islands are becoming more and more popular every day. Why? Because they create an extra space for cooking, eating and spending quality time.  

How do you decide if you need one in your kitchen? Answer this question first: Do you enjoy cooking and entertaining? Then imagine how an extra work space, sitting area or storage can make everything easier and enjoyable. 

We have all experienced entertaining and having all our guests gather in the kitchen!  An island offers a comfortable space for gathering while also allowing the host the needed work space. 

When it comes to re-designing your existing kitchen or building a brand-new space, consider including an island of your choice. Before blindly falling in love with visually appealing designs, think about its purpose and weather there is the proper space to include a functional island. You may want to ask why you need an island in the middle of your kitchen? Or maybe you already know that you need it but are concentrating on the purpose. Doing this in the planning stage will help to create a successful result. At last it all comes down to customizing, tailoring to your needs and preferences.  

Here are some tips to consider when designing your perfect kitchen island: 


Space – Islands can be big or small, with different appliances, shelves, wine storage and number of people you want to fit around it. So, it matters! Answer on these questions: are you going to include appliances into your kitchen island? How much extra storage units do you need? Is it going to be the cooking space? Or hosting? Or maybe both? 

Style - There are unlimited possibilities to create your perfect kitchen. Custom cabinets give you endless design and finish options to achieve the style and color you desire.  An island also allows you to combine two or more styles in your kitchen by using a different complimentary finish color or door than the perimeter cabinetry.  You can also use different counter top materials as well. These options allow a perfect addition to showcase your favorite features. 

Shape – Shape depends on the space itself and the features you would like to incorporate. 

Enjoy some of the beautiful examples of kitchen islands - different in style and shape. 


Our designers can help you create your perfect kitchen island