Indoor Air and the Story of "The Indoor Generation"

When we talk about polluted air we automatically think of the air outside of our homes. But what if we checked air quality inside our homes? Would that air be clean?  

Air pollution is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. Our blog is inspired by the compelling video by our partners over at Velux blog entitled “Indoor Generation” (see video below). 

According to Velux, we spend 90% of our time with minimal daylight and fresh air. We are not aware of it, but research studies show that this is harmful to our overall health and wellbeing. 

Did you ever realize that 90% of our time is spent INSIDE? 

So how do we make sure that our inside environments are healthy for us? 

Air quality inside homes, schools, offices, and other buildings can be 5 times more polluted than the air quality outside. Pollutants reside all around us indoors which causes poor air quality. Lead pollution, which is transferred from paint into dust, chemicals from our house cleaning supplies, mold, dust mites, humidity, lack of ventilation can all play a role in degrading the air we breathe inside. Some pollutants are in the house already, while others come from outside through furniture, dirty shoes, and if you are a pet owner, you most likely carry pet germs on your clothes. 

These pollutants create the perfect storm for allergies and asthma, and in some cases, even more severe conditions, especially for children and elderly people.

So, if we spend 90% of our time inside shouldn’t we be motivated to create safe environments so we can live healthy and happy lives? Here’s how can we do this:

Bring in Fresh Air

Open windows as often as possible (of course if you live in the area with appropriate air conditions). Bringing air inside and creating natural ventilation will create a healthy flow. 

indoor plants

                    Indoor Plants

Don’t have a green thumb? Get into it! Plants are great sources for filtering air and they look great in every interior.

Indoor Air Monitoring Gadget

Try Technology

Think about monitoring air quality with special gadgets (of your choice). When you see numbers and alerts with your own eyes, you won’t need other motivation for resolving the issue. 

Also, keep in mind that spending this much time inside with no proper natural light and fresh air can cause depression, mood swings and can decrease energy level. Don’t be afraid to go on walks and enjoy the beautiful country surrounding the homes you live in and love.

Watch this video inspiration “The Indoor Generation” by Velux.